Sunday, August 3, 2014

Movie Emoji 101

And now for something completely different...emoji! Those little smiley faces and other pictures got their start in Japan, but people are communicating with them all over the world now, and on June 16, the Unicode consortium announced the addition of over 270 new emoji. Emoji are a fun way to express yourself, or recreate famous paintings, like Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam.
Depending on your operating system, the pictures I've used may look slightly different from the ones on your phone. If you need a little help, has a handy look-up guide.
This week's StearsWords puzzle, "Movie Emoji 101," can't be solved interactively, because my software doesn't support Unicode, but I've provided a .pdf with full-color pictures. Guess the movie title represented by the images, and fill in the grid, which is on the last page all by itself.

  • Click here to see the answer grid. *Check back on Friday, August 8 for the answer grid.

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