Friday, November 29, 2013

Easiest Contest Ever

There's at least one person on your holiday shopping list who loves crossword puzzles--maybe it's you. StearsWords would like to help you this holiday season. If you, or someone you know, loves crossword puzzles, send me an email. Let me know why crossword puzzles are great, and I'll choose five of them at random to send a signed copy of StearsWords: Volume 1. 

Easiest contest ever, right?

Step 1: Compose an email explaining why you love crosswords, or why you think someone you love deserves a free crossword puzzle book.

Step 2: Send it to

Step 3: Wait until December 15 to see if you're a winner.

Sunday, November 24, 2013


The biggest movie this week is the "Hunger Games" sequel, "Catching Fire." My daughter loved those books, and after hearing her talk about them, I just had to check them out myself. Unlike the time I checked out the "Twilight" series, the "Hunger Games" books were a pleasant surprise. Yes, they're Young Adult books, but that doesn't mean they're not enjoyable.
This week's featured StearsWords crossword puzzle is a salute to dystopian futures in literature. So, hide your books and grab a dose of Soma. There are so many dystopian futures, this week's puzzle is extra large.
Next week: A new contest! I'm doing some Christmas shopping for a few lucky fans. If you know someone who would love a copy of "StearsWords: Volume 1," all you (or someone you know) has to do is send me an email telling me why your friend or family member deserves a free crossword puzzle book. The contest starts on Thanksgiving, and ends on December 15.
On December 21, in honor of the 100th anniversary of the modern crossword puzzle, I will offer 100 themed crossword puzzles for only $1. But Team StearsWords members will receive it free! Tell your friends. Everyone loves freebies.

Meanwhile, there's a puzzle to be solved! May the odds be ever in your favor...

  • Click here to see the answer grid. *Check back on Friday, November 29 for the answer grid.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

PlayStation 4 Games

As much as I love movies and TV and music and comic books, I also love video games. When I hear, "Turn on the AC," I think, "Cool! We're going to play Assassin's Creed!" The first time I heard about DKNY, my first thought was, "Donkey Kong in New York?"
One of my friends runs a Sunday morning TV show that features an "Oh WOW Moment," and I always hope it will have something to do with World of Warcraft, but it's always about the children's museum.
This week's puzzle features some of the PlayStation games for the newest member of the family, the PS4.

  • Click here to see the answer grid. *Check back on Friday, November 22 for the answer grid.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

"Thor" Trivia Challenge

Spoiler alert! This week's puzzle features one of my favorite superheroes: Thor. "Thor: The Dark World" premieres this weekend, and your favorite supernerd (that's me) will be there. I'll never choose between Marvel and DC Comics because I love them both. There's enough room for all the superheroes and superheroines, and plenty of bad guys to keep them all busy. But I'll be the first one to admit that Stan Lee is my absolute favorite comics writer of all time. Any chance I get to throw a little honor and glory his way, I'll take it.

  • Click here to see the answer grid. *Check back on Friday, November 15 for the answer grid.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Stephen King Trivia Challenge

Is it still Halloween? There are still Halloween parties going on this weekend, so this week's featured StearsWords crossword puzzle is a tribute to the King of Horror: Stephen King.

What kind of poster did Andy Dufresne have in his cell? Where did Gage and Church come back to life? What was The Kid's favorite beer? What did "Gard" Gardner do for a living?
Stephen King has been giving me the heebie-jeebies since high school, and I'm looking forward to reading his latest novel, Doctor Sleep, the sequel to The Shining.

My first foray into the mind of Stephen King was Carrie, which I read in high school. Next up, Salem's Lot made it impossible for me to visit my friends after dark. But my all-time favorite Stephen King book is The Stand, and it was the first book in which I ever found a mistake. In the first edition, Harold Lauder leaves a chocolate thumbprint in Frannie's diary after eating a Payday candy bar. As someone who's allergic to chocolate, I'm well aware that Paydays are not chocolate; they are peanuts and caramel, and one of the few candy bars I can actually eat. 

  • Click here to see the answer grid. *Check back on Friday, November 8 for the answer grid.