Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fandom Crossword Puzzle Spectacular

Next week, StearsWords will feature five new crossword puzzles, one per day. Based on the results of this survey, I will create five crossword puzzles specifically for the five winning fandoms--not simply crossword puzzles, these will be spectacular crossword puzzles. Created in the American style (because I hate free-form puzzles), at least 50% of the clues will relate in some way to the subject. Many of those clues will feature esoteric and arcane trivia about the shows, things only a true fan would know, things like the name of the Shuttlecraft used to retrieve android B-4 ("Star Trek"), or the name of the TV show for which Joss Whedon's grandfather wrote ("Firefly"), or on which planet the TARDIS was created ("Doctor Who").

Voting ends at Midnight, Friday, January 18. May the Force be with you.

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