Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fandom Crossword Puzzle Spectacular

The votes are counted, and the winners are:

  1. Doctor Who
  2. Firefly/ (Tie)
  3. Star Trek (Tie)
  4. Harry Potter/ (Tie)
  5. Lord of the Rings (Tie)

Next week, I'll feature a new crossword puzzle every day, paying homage to the five winning fandoms.
What's so spectacular about these crosswords? Unlike traditional crossword puzzles, fully 60-90%* of the clues are related to the subject.
Unlike tradition crossword puzzles, with all of world history, literature, and pop culture from which to choose, the ouevre of work associated with the subject comprises the majority of the clues and grid entries.
Unlike crossword puzzle solvers who can usually figure out the answers from crossing words, only fans with an encyclopedic knowledge of their demense will be able to solve these crossword puzzles without Googling, I guarantee it.
These fandom puzzles are perfect for movie marathons and fan gatherings, so share them with your friends and print them to save them for later!

*Since the Firefly canon draws from one season and a movie, there are fewer likely clues.

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